Tennessee Doll by Kara Lockmiller

Pop Music

by Kara Lockmiller

SEP 1 – OCT 31 2021

Artist Kara Lockmiller

A self-described chromesthete, Kara Lockmiller translates her colorful musical visions into vivid paintings by breaking down each artist into abstract shapes of colored shadows and highlights that come together like puzzle pieces on the canvas.  She chooses colors for each portrait deliberately, based on the artist’s personalities or music — which she listens to as she paints them. Her portfolio is a “Who’s Who” of the greatest musical artists of all time and her “Pop Music” exhibition is like a festival with some of the most recognized faces in the world. Grab your own backstage pass to “Pop Music” by Kara Lockmiller now in our Featured Artist Gallery September – October 2021. Free admission.