Okay, we screwed up.

In December, when we were planning out our 2023 season of Featured Exhibitions, we thought it would be great to showcase young artist’s work so we planned an “Artists 18 and Younger” Exhibition for April. We thought the exhibit would be perfect for coordinating with the end of the school year.

Unfortunately, we didn’t anticipate several complications that would arise with an exhibition of this type. We began planning it mostly the same way we plan our regular exhibitions but it soon became very apparent that, to do the exhibition right, we would need more planning, more staff, more submissions and much, much more time. So, unfortunately, and with much apology, we have decided to postpone the Young Artist Exhibit until a later date. We don’t feel like it would be a good idea to rush through it and make mistakes, hurt feelings and ignore some great art and artists. We’d like as many artists as possible have a fair chance at submitting their works. So please forgive us and understand our decision will allow us to make a much better exhibit.

We do understand this change may directly affect some artist who will “age out” of the exhibit’s age limit when we reschedule. In those cases, we hope the interested artists will contact us and we will certainly allow for the “hardship.”

Thanks to those artists who did make submissions and to those who planned on doing so soon. There are some wonderfully talented young artists in the Tucker/Atlanta area and we look forward to being able to showcase your artworks as soon as possible.