The rek Gallery

About the Gallery

The rek Gallery is a 2000 square-foot commercial art gallery and studio space opened in 2021 and located 10 minutes east of Decatur, GA in the city of Tucker. The gallery’s collection focuses on contemporary works of southern U.S. influenced artists with a tilt toward the eclectic, quirky, edgy and unconventional. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics and fabrics inspired by street art, graffiti, tattoo art, pop art, low brow, abstract and outsider art are regularly featured.

The original rek Gallery, 2011, Chattanooga.

The rek Gallery was born in 2011 in a small, cornerbuilding in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but was eventually put on hold due to location issues and demands for other projects. 10 years later, the vision of the gallery was resurrected, this time in the Atlanta area.

In addition to the public gallery, the space also includes the private studio of artist and gallery curator Rick Baldwin, a featured artist gallery, original works of Spanish artist Santos Fernandez (1942-1997) and a boutique gift shop.


About the Name

One of the first questions asked about the gallery is regarding the origin of the name rek Gallery.

From Owner/Curator Rick Baldwin:

“I wish there was a more exciting explanation for the name rek Gallery but there really isn’t. When I was creating the original gallery in 2011 the building I started with in Chattanooga was pretty much a wreck. Also, at that time I was beginning to create a lot of art influenced by street art and I wanted to start tagging my art with a name that was quick to sign and easy to remember. ‘rek’ sounded a little like ‘Rick’ but looked more interesting and original and was quick and easy to sign. So, I decided to name the gallery the rek Gallery and when I resurrected the gallery in 2021 I kept the name.”