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Anita McLane

Anita McLane is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating. This creative drive has led her to work with several types of media. At the moment, macraweaving has become her obsession. Combining traditional weaving techniques with macrame allows the use of so many textures and colors, and it is the use of these fibers that she enjoys.

You are likely to find acrylic and watercolor paintings, felted items, and papier-mâché figures, in addition to handmade jewelry in her space, as she continues to find using these media enjoyable.

“I love to envision a finished product, but let the overall design take form as I work. Macraweave gives me that flexibility in my projects and lets me be more creative as I work than do some other forms of art. I love the look and the feel of the materials I work with. Please touch!”

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