Artwork Submissions


The rek Gallery continually seeks unique new artists to join the gallery, Because we receive many requests from artists wishing to join the gallery and space to display art is limited, we are very selective in the new art and artists we invite to join us. The following tips may contribute to a more successful chance in having your work added to the rek Gallery.

  1. Be Familiar With Our Collection. Not every artist or artwork will be a good fit for the rek Gallery. We show art that tends to be a bit more edgy, non-traditional and alternative. Art that may reflect a more traditional presentation of portraiture, landscape, photography, sculpture or ceramics may be more suitable for other galleries. We often describe our collection as “urban folk art.” We suggest before you make an inquiry about submitting your art to our gallery, make a visit to see what art we are currently showing.
  2. Be From The South. We showcase artists from the southern region of the United States. We are interested in how living in the south, even if only a brief time, influences an artist’s work. Artists do not have to have been born in the south nor currently reside in the south. If you consider yourself a “southern artist” you’re probably a fit for us.
  3. Be Serious. We are interested in professional-level artists with training at an art school, college or university and who have experience showing in a gallery. We will consider student work if it reflects an advanced level of ability, vision and creativity. We work with artists who continually produce high quality, creative, well-developed pieces of interest to art buyers. We are a commercial art gallery so we are very interested in artists with an established price level and solid track record of sales.
  4. Be Creative. We are interested in most art disciplines, media and genres and we focus largely on painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramic and fabric inspired by street art, graffiti, tattoo art, pop art, low brow, self-taught, abstract, primitive, folk and outsider art.


Please submit all materials in one email to with the subject line ART SUBMISSION. All Artist submissions must comply with the following requirements in order to be considered:

  • Up to 10 high resolution images of artworks. Only .jpg files accepted.
  • All images must include title, artist, date, media, and dimensions.
  • A current artist’s statement and/or bio of approximately 250 words. Only PDF or text files accepted.
  • A link to an online portfolio, Instagram or Pinterest account showcasing your art.