Artist erin wicker

erin wicker

erin wicker (erin T great) is an Atlanta based artist/illustrator.  She studied painting and drawing at the University of Tennessee (2004).  

There is a whimsical element to erin’s work. She often incorporates natural found materials juxtaposed with delicate clay sculptures, bold colors and patterns. In February 2021, erin started a small, experimental gallery with 2 of her colleagues.   Her murals, installations and art can be found around the city and in local galleries: including Arts Beacon Gallery, the award-winning OCOA Bike Rack Mural Program (2016) and Art on the BeltLine (2014). 

erin has illustrated 3 children’s books and 1 not so children’s book. Her art has been featured on television (Extreme Makover: Home Edition 2010) and film.  

Since the pandemic, erin was unable to go back to teaching preschool art.  Instead, she has been monitoring her young children with virtual school and then running into her studio to cry while making as much therapeutic art as possible during mandatory afternoon “quiet time”.  erin refuses to capitalize her name because “I’m just not that proper”.