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Mary Boyle

Mary Boyle is an independent jewelry artist who hails from a family of craftsmen. She worked with Dad in his wood shop, learning the nuances of a variety of materials and tools. But from the moment she stepped into the metalsmithing studio at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, the door was opened to a new love of metal. It is a blank canvas—ready to take twists, turns, uniquely applied texture and color. Partly self-taught and partly a student of amazing instructors, for more than a decade she’s played with techniques to offer her viewpoint. “Moving metal” moves her spirit; Mary’s goal is to infuse life and character into her pieces.

Mary creates jewelry from a variety of metals including sterling silver, fine silver (99.9% pure), 14k gold-filled, bronze and copper. Rather than be constrained to a particular technique or style, her satisfaction is in partnering metal with gemstones, pearls, glass and wood. Focal shapes and accent beads are sometimes made from recovered wood from her brother’s turning, then hand-sanded and finished simply with a non-toxic sealant. Her work has been accepted into many juried shows, though she prefers local pop-ups and intimate spaces.

All Mary’s pieces are made with attention to detail and most are one of a kind. Her jewelry reflects careful attention to “wearability”, movement, and quality at affordable price points. She is expanding her sculpting as part of residency at rek…stay tuned!

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