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Olivia Franklin

Olivia Franklin is an oil painter located in Marietta, Georgia. Art has always been a part of her life as long as she can remember. She was influenced to become an artist from her mom Lynn Hardy, who taught her everything about art before she went off to college.

Olivia attended college at Lee University and graduated with a BFA of Studio Art with an emphasis in charcoal drawing in 2015. She is very deliberate when she paints and oil painting is her favorite medium because it dries slowly and gives her the time to work on her pieces.

Olivia tells her story of battling postpartum depression, anxiety and motherhood. .She has also always been intrigued by the human body and what exists within. Combining the two she expresses her trials and struggles through self portraiture and anatomical symbolism. Olivia has been able to find peace and therapy by painting her life. She  hopes to connect with others that also may be going through something similar. Postpartum is so common and normal among women and she  believes we should talk about it more. She strives to raise awareness to the struggles mothers experience during the fourth trimester and beyond.

When Olivia is not knee deep in her work, she is most definitely spending time with her wonderful husband and precious kids, Hunter, Floyd and Oliver.

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