Preston Woodruff

TJ Reese

I am TJ Reese, a visual artist born in Marion, Indiana. My artistic journey began with finger painting in kindergarten and continued on as a hobby well into my teenage years until my high school graduation in 2016 when I decided to pursue it as a career.

I pursued a formal education but quickly found the school not to my liking, thus began a new journey of independent growth as an artist. It was within this journey that I found inspiration within psychology, nature, anatomy and graffiti as well as became enthralled with themes of love, spirituality and psychology. Within my work, I look to delve more deeply into all of the aforementioned themes and inspirations – my ultimate goal being to tell a story. The surreal nature of my work, the cleanliness of the lines as well as the attention to detail and composition all serve to allow me to reach a very broad spectrum of people which has given rise to new connections and an expanding audience.

In January of 2022, I took the dive to pursue my career full time without the assistance and stability of a day job. Since doing so, I’ve seen tremendous growth in my artistic ability; I’m able to compose and illustrate my ideas with more clarity and precision to what I envisioned. The growth in my ability and connections have afforded me the opportunity to have my work shown in seven different galleries and to work with an eighth.

My preferred mediums to work with are inks, markers, color pencils, charcoal and graphite; thus, most if not all of my work is mixed media.

I currently reside in and work out of Atlanta, Georgia.