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John Dearman Watercolor

John Dearman Watercolor

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Original Watercolor by John Dearman

***NOTE: This artwork is in a glass covered frame. Although we will take every precaution to insure safe shipping, we cannot guarantee the glass will survive the shipping. Buyer should make the decision whether item should be shipped with or without glass.***

This exquisite watercolor painting by renowned artist John Dearman captures the beauty of Texas wildlife in its natural habitat. The painting is an original, one-of-a-kind piece that has been signed by the artist himself. Measuring 22 inches in length and 27 inches in width, it is matted and framed, making it a stunning addition to any art collection.

The painting features hunting, landscape, fish and water animals, birds, gaming, and ducks, all in a contemporary art style that showcases the artist's talent for realism. Made using watercolor painting production technique, the piece is crafted on watercolor board and is sure to impress art enthusiasts. The artwork comes with no Certificate of Authenticity (COA), but its authenticity can be verified by the artist's signature.

John Dearman, a Texas native, has sketched and painted wildlife and sporting scenes along the Texas coast for most of his life. A professional artist since the late eighties, he was awarded the Best of Show for watercolors at the 1988 Kansas City Wildlife Show, Best of Show at the 1988 Oklahoma Wildlife Show and First Place in the Southeast Waterfowl Exposition.

John’s art has been featured in Ducks Unlimited, Gulf Coast Conservation Association and other conservation organizations.His work has created the art featured on a Texas Quail Stamp Print, two Texas Turkey Stamp Prints, and two Texas Saltwater Stamp Prints.

*This piece is from The rek Gallery's "rescued artwork" collection and has not been officially appraised or certified. The artwork is sold "as is."
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