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Oil Painting by Llewellyn

Oil Painting by Llewellyn

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24" x 24"


on canvas

This stunning painting is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece created by the talented artist Llewellyn. It features a beautiful landscape with gardens, plants, figures, and farming scenes, all brought to life with intricate details and realistic brushstrokes. The painting is signed by the artist and is made with high-quality canvas material using oil painting techniques. Measuring 24 inches in length and width and only .05 inches in height, this unframed painting is perfect for any art lover looking for an original piece to add to their collection. Its modern art style and realism theme make it a unique and captivating piece that will surely impress any viewer. Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional artwork.

The painting has a couple of minor scratches which are not prominent on the painting. Please see the photo for appearance and location. Flaws which are typical and desired in original studio paintings can be seen, such as brush hairs, technique and material marks, etc. Canvas is in good shape and shows no signs of deterioration, tears or wear. Ready to hang. There is no certificate of authenticity and painting is sold "as is." It is a gorgeous piece of modern, contemporary artwork.
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